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What We Deliver

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At JPF Commercial Flooring, we believe that flooring is not just something that you stand on. It is the foundation of your home or workspace. Choosing the right flooring for your project will not only ensure your space is stylish and comfortable, but also more valuable.

If you’re looking for a local small business that loves serving its community and its clients, look no further than JPF Commercial Floor Coverings. We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, and treat everyone we work with like family.

You can rest assured that JPF Flooring treats your home or business like our own. Once we get to know you better, we decide which members of our team will work on your project. What we deliver is warm and knowledgable service with the very best products and materials for every project.

Here are some of the things we deliver on every project.


We deliver all material to our projects. We arrange them to be delivered safely and conveniently for the installation crew and our clients. Hardwood or vinyl flooring should be stored onsite at the property several days before installation. This acclimatization minimizes product failure by humidity or temperature (as recommended by as most manufacturers).


Flooring material can expand, and contract based on the humidity and moisture levels present in the space. We ask our clients to check the humidity, temperature, and warmth of the space(s) before the scheduled delivery. This gives enough time to adjust to these measures for the product to sit. Warranty is affected by site conditions not meeting these standards.


Site demolition has some important aspects for appropriate transition from the old to the new flooring properties. JPF takes appropriate precautions for safe demolition, especially with asbestos. Spaces not cleared by JPF may have additional floor preparation applied. This can be included within our quote or added as a change order for installation requirements of the product.


JPF asks clients to remove all contents such as cabinets, furniture, and obstructions from the work area before installation. JPF offers this service (upon request from our clients) for an additional cost as well. Please request this during the Quote phase if interested in this additional service.


JPF asks all clients to remove all contents such as cabinets, furniture, and obstructions from the work area before installation. JPF offers this service upon request from our clients for an additional cost as well. Please request during quoting phase if interested in this additional service.


Secured Premises (office buildings and multi-family dwellings)
During our pre-construction phase, JPF will review access to the premises. Areas for use such as corridors, hallways, elevators, and loading docks must be accessible. If the property has security and access requirements, we ask that our clients prepare these procedures for all JPF staff in advance.


JPF asks that adequate power for the installer’s electrical tools, light, water, ventilation, and heat or air conditioning will be available up to 72 hours before and during the complete installation project.


Installation in an occupied space can create challenges due to the additional logistics required. We discuss with our clients all possible dust, odour, and wet surfaces that may be created. We will inform occupants when installation will produce a strong smell and caution tape will limit access to the area.


The initial quote from your JPF representative is only an estimate of work to be done. During the installation process, there is a possibility of discovering previously unknown factors. Additional charges may apply if floor preparation or removal becomes more complicated or time consuming. Some examples of this include: water-damaged floors with structural damages, unsecured floors, uneven subfloors, and asbestos in the floors. These are not always detected until the installation process has begun.


JPF has a variety of selections of baseboards such as carpet base, rubber base, or millwork. Depending on the floor or wall structure and age of the property, the wall base may not be perfectly straight. Our expectations for finishing spaces are to install all products with exceptional results. Your Project Coordinator will discuss all options for you during this phase of the construction project.


With certain types of carpet or vinyl sheet goods, JPF provides finishing seams for rolled products. Our role is to make seam installation as unnoticeable as possible. The direction and low traffic seam installations are reviewed by JPF, and/or by the installation team with our clients to confirm the best install procedure.


While precautions are taken, it is possible during installation there will be scuffs to paint, trim, baseboards, and minor drywall repairs. These repairs are at the homeowner’s expense. If a painting trade is involved in a construction touch-up, scheduling their services may be planned after the flooring installation has been completed.


JPF ensures that all projects are properly inspected & cleaned. This means the installers will perform a post-installation inspection with you to ensure your complete satisfaction and build to code. After the installation, they will remove all scraps & packing from new materials and dispose of excess material. It is the responsibility of JPF, unless authorized, to have waste bins on site. Every effort is made to minimize dust, however, depending on the scope of work, it is to be expected there will be residual dust. Additional light dust clean-up is the business owner’s responsibility.


JPF warrants a full-year workmanship warranty on all installations. Each manufacturer carries its specific warrant on new materials installed. JPF does not cover damages caused by abuse, neglect, or improper uses, care, or cleaning. Manufacturer’s care & maintenance instructions will be provided to each client upon completion of their project.


JPF sincerely appreciates your business and thanks you for the trust you have given us in installing your new flooring. As a firm believer in relationships, JPF honours all commitments made to our customers. Your Project Coordinator will be in regular communication with you throughout and after the installation process.

JPF has a special financing offer (for residential clients only).

Need to refresh your floors but not sure whether you have the room in your budget? Our residential clients can break down your purchase into low affordable payments. JPF Group Co. Inc has partnered with Financeit to offer you a simple and affordable way to get your dream home (with the floors) you have always wanted without worrying about the cost.

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Our experience with JPF has been extremely positive. Jarrod was very helpful and understood exactly what we needed and came up with a few options for replacing our old floor. Jarrod knew what work was involved, how long this project would take and the approximate initial price estimate during his introduction visit at our home. Throughout the whole interaction from start to project completion, Jarrod was very approachable, polite, responsive and you could tell he has a lot of experience in the flooring business.

The installation crew was fantastic. They always had big smiles and warm personalities and were so quick and professional during the whole installation. They removed the old floor surface, installed the new floor, and cleaned up after the work was done. At the end, we felt like we moved into a brand new house.

I would strongly recommend JPF Commercial Floor Coverings Ltd. for all your flooring needs. You can definitely count on their expertise, professional service and trust that they will know exactly what you need and take care of you.

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