Flooring Services

Resilient Flooring

There are great flooring systems to use in areas such as kitchens, bar/dish washing, food prep and restaurant entryways. Focusing on area with moisture or grease. Safety, cleanliness and longevity is important when using these products. Tell us more about your space and we will provide you the product.

Vinyl Plank

Similar look of a hardwood flooring, vinyl plank has become a popular choice in commercial selection for flooring. Between office spaces, retail stores, and front house of restaurants this product has long lasting results, easy to repair and comes in variety of looks through many manufactures. This is our top product of choice for clients

Carpet Tile

Also known as modular carpet & “carpet squares.” Strategic and durable choice in commercial spaces particularly offices. This product is an attractive and flexible flooring option and is ideally used office spaces or tenant occupied space. Quick and easy product to change a space.

Ceramic & Porcelain Tile

Porcelain and glazed ceramic tiles are the best tile flooring options for durability. They are equally easy to maintain. The tile grout needs periodic sealing to renew its look and prevent stains, especially if you rent your property. Floor and wall tile for bathroom, kitchen spaces and main lobbies have many tile options and we can support those requests too.

Concrete Flooring

Popular choice for cost effective and attractive design options. Concrete floors work for small restaurant spaces, hair salons, multifamily apartments. Polished concrete utilizes concrete slabs when it comes to foundation substrate. Epoxy flooring systems are made using different layers of a 2--3 component coating while polished concrete is created using fine polishing heads to form a burnished and smooth surface.

Vinyl Composite Tile

VCT is a mixture of natural limestone, filler materials, thermoplastic binder and color pigments. Made by fusing chips into solid sheets and cutting them into tiles, VCT requires layers of polish to protect its porous surface. Modular flexibility including large format shapes and sizes. Long life value with our true through-pattern VCT Withstands heavy foot and rolling load traffic

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is a specialty flooring option designed to add padding and spring underfoot. Its unique qualities and style options make it a more versatile flooring option than you might initially think. From gyms to bathrooms to kitchens to playrooms, rubber flooring is a great choice for many spaces

Broadloom Carpet

Commercial carpet is most often used in industrial or business settings, but the flooring can be used in the home as well. Designed with a shorter pile and much tighter looping styles, commercial carpet is constructed with durability and long-lasting qualities in mind.

Walk Off Matting

These mats are used to describe an entire category of commercial floor mats that either scrape or wipe debris from the under soles of shoes. They are most commonly implemented just outside the entrance to a facility (scraper mats) or just inside the entryway (wiper mats)